Trinity Baptist Church Welcomes You

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Praying Together

Trinity Baptist Church at a Glance

Trinity Baptist Church is a place where you and your family can come to worship God.  Only the Word of God is spoken here.  We work alongside one another in the work God gives us, and we share in our joys and sorrows. We, as servants of God, would love for you to come visit and experience Christ with us.

Sunday Morning Service Schedule:

{9:45 a.m.} - Sunday School

{11:00 a.m.} - Sunday Service

Sunday Evening Service Schedule:

{6:00 p.m.} - Bible Study 

{6:00 p.m.} - Kids Club

Wednesday Evening Service Schedule:

{6:30 p.m.} - Adult Bible Study

If you need a ride to and from church, please contact Pastor Mike at 580-471-5997.


Our Foundation

We believe God is the Creator of all things and He said that these things were good.

We believe Jesus is the Son of God, Emanuel, and that He came to earth through the virgin birth. He lived as a man and was the perfect example of love and righteousness.

Jesus sacrificed Himself by death on a cross and was resurrected on the third day so that we could be forgiven our sins and live our lives with the Holy Spirit as our teacher.

We trust that the Word of God is unchangeable; it cannot be added to nor taken away from and it is not up to man’s interpretation.  

We know that God’s Word defines itself and does not contradict itself.

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Pastor Michael Fairchild

It is my belief that I have been called to be a servant of God through sharing His Word and serving in any capacity He calls me to.  

Though I am not worthy on my own accord, I feel that God has called me to this position so that I can share the gifts He has entrusted me with.

I recognized God as my Lord, and He led me to His Son and I believed.  His Spirit teaches me continually and I surrender to His teachings.  The Holy Spirit's teachings, just as Jesus's teachings,  never stray from the Fathers teachings. The three are in perfect agreement. 

As a servant I strive never to speak on my own accord.  Make no mistake, I am not perfect and I do not claim to be. God's word says that you learn from the Master and you strive to be like the Master, but you are not the Master. God says to be Holy because He is Holy. This is the way I strive to live my life, and struggle and fail daily.  

I hope you would pray for me, as I pray for you, to be more and more like our God, our Savior and our Teacher.  Please come visit us at Trinity Baptist Church and experience God's Word and teachings with us. 


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Trinity Baptist Church

1300 N Benson St

Altus, OK 73521

(580) 471-4449

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